This DVD is your Guide to finding gold, silver, coins and other treasures on Florida’s beaches, with your metal detector.

If you have a metal detector and the information provided in this DVD, you can find:

  • gold, silver and diamond rings
  • expensive watches & jewelry
  • cell phones, cameras, & cash
  • coins, coins, and more coins
  • even pirate treasure and spanish gold!

All legal for you to find and keep!

This DVD shows you how to find these treasures and where to look!

The Metal Detecting Florida Beaches DVD covers everything you need to know about finding treasures on Florida beaches, and not only shows you how to find treasure, but also shows exactly where to look on which beaches and at what times of the year, to find the most treasure.

Yes, this DVD includes precise directions to treasure hot-spots on more than 50 popular beaches in Florida!

On this DVD, you’ll also discover:

  • The best metal detectors for beach hunting
  • The best beaches to hunt
  • The best times of the year to hunt
  • The best times of the day to hunt
  • The best places to find Spanish gold
  • The best places to find expensive jewelry
  • Detailed aerial beach photos showing specific locations to find treasure on more than 50 Florida beaches
  • Secrets to getting the most out of your metal detector while hunting Florida beaches
  • . . . and much, much, more

You’ll learn all the above from an experienced and successful Florida beach hunter, who shares his inside secrets with you on this 90 minute, info packed DVD.

“Wow! More than 90 minutes of video packed with the kind of information and insider secrets that can make your beach hunting adventures extremely rewarding!”

If you want to find treasures on Florida beaches, this DVD is a ‘must have’!

Order your copy today, and start finding treasures right away!

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